This past weekend, the kids and I drove a few hours up I-95 to spend some time in Richmond with the fam.  Enjoy some highlights…

Would you believe that our part of North Carolina does not have 7-Elevens?!  Hence, no Slurpees!  Oh the tragedy.  Since I firmly believe that a summer is not summer without Slurpees, an indoctrination into this wonderful world of high fructose corn syrup was my top priority the morning after our arrival.

A trip to Richmond is not complete without a morning at Maymont.  We walked the entire thing, from the barn  to the Italian Gardens, and ended the morning with an obligatory post-Maymont snowcone.

Carson, Will, and Thomas… the three stooges.

Mary Grace, up close and personal with…

…this beauty.  Or not.


And then there was the moment in which I thought I was truly lost in the bamboo forest.  With this spunky two year old.  She thought it was hilarious, but I was less than amused.  I did think that photo documentation of this incident was more than necessary, however.  Priorities, people.

As we eventually found our way out of the maze of bamboo, I found Carson “fishing”.  Between the fishing and stepping stones and other random bodies of water, we managed to escape Maymont with dry shoes and clothes.

Little Miss Stubborn Face insisted on climbing all 967 steps at Maymont by herself.  And then she refused to nap that afternoon.  If I could have her energy for 2 days, I think I could conquer the world.

Love this rosy-cheeked boy.

The parentals on the eve of their 34th anniversary.  They look pretty perky here, particularly in light of the noise and chaos with which they had been assaulted since our arrival in their (brand new and previously spotless) home.

And not to be forgotten, sweet Maggie.  Enamored with something on the i-pod touch.  And not just any something.  But more on that later.  We’ve got a lot to share with y’all… 🙂

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  1. Can’t wait to know what’s on your ipad touch!!! You’re leaving us in suspense! Great pictures of your day at Maymont … always a fun time in the bamboo 🙂

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