It is no surprise that nearly everyone we encounter has been blown away when they hear of the expense of international adoptions. One of the most common questions we have received has been, “so, where is all of that money going?” I’m not going to lie- I, myself, asked that very question not long ago. To address this question, I thought I would include the program fee chart that Gladney has put together. So, to our amazing supporters, here is where your money is going…

Adoption fees paid to Gladney:
Gladney application fee: $300
Home study fee: $2,000
Gladney program fee: $5,000 (Since Matt works for our church, this was reduced to only $2,500! God provides!!)
Gladney post-placement supervision: $1,200
Gladney post-placement report administration: $450

Adoption fees paid to others in the US:
Immigration approval and fingerprint fee for couple: $830
Authentication of documents in US: $1300-$1800
Passport: $97 per person traveling (I needed mine renewed)

Adoption fees in Rwanda:
Visa fee, Visa medical exam, related processing and administration fee, child identification expenses, US Embassy issuance fee, medical expenses, translation of documents, registration fees, childcare and associated supplies for orphanage, legal fees and document processing, humanitarian aid to orphanage: $7,400
Humanitarian aid items (supplies that we will purchase and distribute in-country): $200

Travel expenses (this obviously can vary a great deal):
Adult airfare per person: $1,950 x 2 = $3,900
Child airfare: $995
Lodging (estimated for 10 days- we will probably be there two weeks): $950-$2000
Meals: $450
Misc. transportation in Rwanda/Ethiopia: $750

Estimated total adoption and travel expenses: $23,242-$24,969

I am going to be straight-up honest with you. Sometimes I get completely and totally overwhelmed by this number. And at times I allow myself to be overcome with stress and unbelief that this is really possible. But I continue to be reminded that God loves adoption, He loves orphans, and I believe that He always funds His callings.

How will He fund this? I have no clue. But I know that He will in His own ways, and I trust that His timing will be perfect. I am just hanging out for dear life as I am taken on this wild ride.