So I have 46 minutes until my most recent obsession comes on tv (The Office- why I am just now getting on the bandwagon, I do not know), so I thought I’d fill my loyal readership in on some random thoughts from life with the Allisons…

~ One of the most exciting things ever happened two weeks ago. I found a bread machine in absolutely perfect condition at a thrift store for $4.99!! I had been wanting one for quite a while now, but I refused to shell out tons of money for another kitchen gadget. The very fact that I can get so thrilled over a bread machine in the first place makes me feel really old, but let me tell you- that sucker can put out some tasty bread! Mmmm carbs…

~ While I’m on the subject of food, let me just tell you- my son is a really really weird eater. Sure, he likes the typical Cheerios and bananas, but who would have thought that he would be such a lover of hummus, cheesy grits, and chicken cacciatore? Oh, and he just about flipped over the “garden bake” I made last night (think Egg Beaters, Bisquick, and tons of veggies– sounds like any man’s worst nightmare, right?). He is quite the ham at the dinner table, too, as he claps or waves whenever he takes a bite of food he enjoys.

~ When we moved into this house, we debated on whether or not we would get cable. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know, and we were trying to find ways to cut costs. Well, we ended up getting a good deal with a satellite company, and somehow Matt got suckered into getting us DVR as well. Now, I am hooked, and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Matt can watch sports events in record time. I can watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 whenever I want. DVR has revolutionized my life.

~ I don’t know what your definition of “teacher’s pet”… or “brown noser”… may be, but meet Matt. Not only has Matt been playing Risk online with his New Testament professor all semester, but we were invited over to eat dinner with his family this past week. I don’t know why it strikes me as odd when things like this happen- my ultra-extroverted husband could befriend a lampshade if he wanted to.

~ After 4 months of seeing probably about 70% Hispanic patients, I have now officially learned to say “open your mouth” and “stick out your tongue” in Spanish. That’s actually pretty sad. I should know how to say far more than that by now, but I am slowly learning. Why oh why did I decide to take German in school??

~ I might just have some very exciting news to share in the near future. (No, I am not pregnant.)

Now that you are all on the edge of your seats (ha), I think I’m signing off. Buenas noches!