It’s true!

We’re expecting!

…a baby boy from Rwanda!!

We officially began the process of international adoption several weeks ago and couldn’t be more excited! (This is clearly evident by the sheer number of exclamation points I have used in the past few sentences…)

Here’s the ultra-Cliff Notes version of what’s going down- we are working with an awesome, well-respected agency (Gladney Center for Adoptions) and have requested a baby boy from Rwanda, under the age of one. We have been told to expect the process to take about a year, give or take a few months. However, Rwanda has only recently opened up for adoptions, so we recognize that this proposed timeline is very fluid. As I have alluded to on this blog before, adoption is something that we have always felt called to do, and we were recently struck with a particular urgency to take that leap of faith now rather than putting it off.

More on that later, though. There are plenty of posts to follow with details galore, but for now, we covet your prayers as we embark into this wild and exciting new chapter of our lives.