Today’s post is dedicated to two of my most loyal readers, Matt and Josh. This is just fair warning that the subject matter to follow will seem alarmingly boring to pretty much everyone else….

My loving husband could not seem to wake up this morning. Yes, we do have a newborn at home, so this must certainly be the result of Carson-induced sleep deprivation… right?! Nope, try again. The reason I practically had to kick Matt out of bed this morning is due to the fact that he was up until nearly 3am scouring the website entitled “Orioles Hangout”, otherwise referred to (at least by Matt and Josh) as “OH”.
Now, allow me to provide a brief background of this website that is so near and dear to the heart of my husband. On second thought, I think I might just let you read the header to today’s biggest news on “OH”:

“ Managing Editor Scott Hoffman summarizes the rumors and musings surrounding the potential trade of LHP Erik Bedard.”

So, I admittedly have no clue what an “LHP” is, and I’ve never heard of this Erik Bedard character, but this exemplifies beautifully what this silly website is all about. In short, hundreds of Orioles-crazed individuals get together via this oh-so-popular hub of baseball activity to talk about what they *think* might happen with the O’s and to guess who just *might* get traded. Oh, the excitement in our house escalates dramatically when a so-called “expert” or “insider” drops the news of a big trade or other equally monumental change in this less than stellar MLB team. (No offense to the Orioles or their fans, but let’s not kid ourselves… the Orioles lose a lot.) Matt will often announce the big news to me and upon realizing that I could care less, he will dial up Josh who just eggs him throughout the remainder of the night. The thing that makes me laugh the most is when these “Orioles gurus” get it all wrong… they get people like Matt all bent out of shape about some crazy trade that is bound to occur, and guess what– the trade never happens, and hundreds of psycho fans are left scrambling for answers on the OH message boards.

So what is the point of all of this? Well, I would first like to acknowledge that I am glad that Matt is a dedicated fan to a bad team… it makes me feel a little more secure as his wife. You know- if he is that loyal to a team like the Orioles who lose all the time, he is bound to be loyal to me even when I screw up, right?! I would also like to say that I might just have to start providing my personal input for all of the curious fans who stalk the site for answers… so be on guard, boys, for you never know who might be giving you your inside info. Finally, I would like to add that I think Orioles Hangout is just outright silly. Yep, that sums this post up well. The end.