Here are some of the funnier moments (that are publishable on the blog) of Christmas this year.

After Halloween, my mom bought a bunch of discounted costumes at Toys R Us, and it was her (odd but fun) idea to have all of the kids dress up for my dad’s birthday on the 22nd.

Carson the Lion was smitten with Maggie.

Poor Thomas. Carson used his “I’m just being sweet and hugging my cousin” act constantly with Thomas. Thomas hated it. Carson kept on.

William emerges in his new Christmas present- a full body wetsuit. I have two thoughts: 1. any beach covered with people looking like this would be far too scary for me and 2. if it’s cold enough outside to don one of these getups, it’s definitely too cold to be out surfing. I’m just sayin.

This was not posed. It just so happened that both Joel and Daniel happened to be giving Matt the same “what are you doing, Matt??” look at the exact same time. I know that look well. 🙂

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