Alright people, the time has come for this little blog of mine to go private for a while.  I know, annoying right?  Don’t fret- it won’t be forever.  But for the time being, here’s what you need to do.  If you care one little lick about our antics and would like to continue reading this blog, either leave me a comment with your email address or shoot me an email at catherinesallison at gmail dot com.  In the next week or so, I’ll get back to you with the info you need to stay up to date on the oh-so-thrilling 411 on our life.


Alright, public service announcement over.  Carry on.  🙂

15 Comments on going private…

  1. Sadness but hopefully this means something exciting will come from this for your adorable family.

    • Elizabeth- do you mind letting me know your email address so I can get you the info you need? Thanks!

  2. I’m not sure, at this age, if I can handle this kind of furtive activity and suspense. Keep us in the loop you DRAMA QUEEN.

    • Pawpaw- okay, so I can be a drama queen from time to time, but not in this case! I just need to secure things up for our adoption! Can you let me know your email address though??

  3. I love your spirit and failthfulness!!!! Please include me so I can stay updated on the adoption front!

  4. Haha I’m totally in the category Matt mentioned, but got hooked after seeing your references to the blog on FB and am now so eager to hear how your journey continues to unfold! 🙂

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