I awoke from the oddest dream this morning. Since my husband was unarousable when I tried to tell him about it (should I be concerned about this?), I thought I would share it on here. (Let’s be honest- I am very much procrastinating from getting ready for work.)

So, the dream– in short, somehow Matt, Libby, and I somehow captured Osama bin Laden and were holding him captive in my uncle’s house. Other family members would at times saunter in and inform us ever so kindly that we were in danger, but essentially the fate of bin Laden was left in our sorry little hands. It was scary and thrilling, and I woke up all hot and bothered. What a way to begin my Friday.

I think this might be a subtle indication that I am just a littttttle concerned about our national security come January 20th (yippee- inauguration day just so happens to fall on my BIRTHDAY…)

Happy Friday! May you all have sweet dreams tonight! šŸ™‚

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  1. if you had included your madre in your dream you wouldn’t have had him a captive…. i’d have already done him in. glad to know you have that patriotic thing going, though.

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