My mother has done many wonderfully amazing things in her tenure as my mom. I must say,though- her foresight to save all of the dresses that my sister and I used to wear is way up there on the list. I love that today I could dress Mary Grace in the same red dress that I wore twenty-seven years ago.I’m finally finishing up my Christmas to-do list before we descend upon the eight-oh-four in a few days. With every task completed, I’m feeling even more jolly and merry. The merriments continue tonight as we celebrate the season with our small group. Meanwhile, Matt has sold his soul to the NFL as he cheers his fantasy team to victory over the next week. Carson is giving me conniption fits as he comes up with dire last minute requests from Santa (now he has his heart set on Spiderman stickers. I’m hoping beyond hopes that we have some at my office. Otherwise, I, err Santa, will be up a creek). And Mary Grace? Well, she continues to wrap her daddy tighter and tighter around her pudgy little fingers.

No promises on posts over the coming week. We’ve got things to do, people to see, and my favorite holiday to celebrate. Merry Christmas, all!

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  1. I know your trip time is going to be packed, but we would love to see you guys and talk Christmas, adoption, etc…

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