(I Hate) Bracketology

Matt has encouraged me to voice my frustrations with March Madness via this blog rather than whining to him. I agreed, as I feel it to be my duty to warn the world NEVER TO PICK GONZAGA TO WIN A SINGLE NCAA TOURNAMENT GAME!! I have been enamored by this team for years (they are the bulldogs, after all), and I have always had them advancing far. As a matter of fact, I originally had them making it to the Final Four this time around but got cold feet at the last minute and changed things around yesterday morning. But you know what? It doesn’t even matter anymore because the pretty, multicolored, sparkly bracket has been shredded. Yes, that’s right. My Bulldogs have so disgraced me that I was compelled to drag out the paper shredder and show my bracket who’s boss. So there.

I feel better now.


It’s like Christmas Eve around here… except instead of stuffed stockings, we have filled brackets… and instead of nicely wrapped gifts to rip into, we have dumb referees to tear apart. Yes, March Madness is about to get into full swing, hence the fact that my crazed husband has taken off work the next two days. Although the games do not begin until tomorrow, my bracket has been prepared since Sunday evening. I must say– my multicolored bracket that was so lovingly adorned with sparkley stickers is probably the most beautiful I have ever made. While it might be pretty, I have to say that I have made some risky moves this year. I just hope that my risk-taking pays off and that I once again reign as one of the best bracket-makers ever. (So, that last statement might be a little bit exaggerated, but I do have a relatively good history when it comes to my brackets).

As I was getting swept up in the magic of March Madness on Sunday night, I had several epiphanies:
1. Not one team has chosen pink as one of their colors. What a mistake. There is one team in the tournament whose school colors include purple, and in their honor, I have them going pretty far. (I have since forgotten which team that might be… Maybe Idaho, Illionois, or Indiana… Whoops.) But really– what these teams really need is some PINK in their lives. I might need to notify Coach K.

2. I find it very odd- but very fun at the same time- that there are so many teams with Bulldogs as their mascot. Thankfully, the situation has never arose in which the Bulldogs faced the Bulldogs, or else I would have some major issues in my bracket choices.

3. Year after year, regardless of stats and rankings, I tend to have the same teams in the Elite Eight… and often in the Final Four. I can not reveal this year’s choices, however, for I fear that some overly eager bracket-makers might try to cheat off of my bracket. And that would be bad.

So, here we go. May the stress and shouting that goes along with with this “most wonderful time of the year” bring you much joy to you and your kin.

Lazy Saturday Morning

As I was trying to get ready on Saturday morning, I left the boys alone in bed to catch some extra z’s together. Or so I thought. I walked over to the bed to check on them, and while Matt was still snoozin’, this is how I found Carson…


OK, so here’s the cool story I promised last night…

As many of you know, I am currently looking for a job. I have already dedicated hours upon hours calling pediatric practices, writing cover letters, and sending resumes, and I have seen countless doors close, as practices are either not hiring or prefer a full-time provider. It is a non-negotiable priority of mine to work part-time, though I recognize this might make my job search a tad more tricky.

On top of contacting every pediatrician’s office in the area, I have also been stalking the websites of everything from big teaching hospitals to psych hospitals… and the Wake County Department of Health. Well, yesterday morning I happened to see that Wake County had added a new job opportunity that made my eyes light up… a part-time pediatric nurse practitioner position doing community health. Not only does a part-time PNP position rarely exist, but community health is one of my biggest interests (some might recall how much I enjoyed my community health work in Gilpin Court of all places during one of my undergraduate courses).

So, in my impatient nature, I wanted to apply immediately. One major factor, however, was preventing me from doing so… for some reason, the Virginia Board of Nursing had not yet received the appropriate information from my certification agency… meaning that I did not yet have a license number… meaning that it would be pointless to submit my application. In frustration, I prayed specifically that the letter from my certification agency would be found sitting on the desk of the lady in charge of licensure.

Here’s the awesome part… so I finally got in touch with this woman who does all NP licensure for the state of Virginia, and she assured me that they had not received anything with my name on it and that I would just have to wait. Before she hung up, though, she added, “let me just double check that it isn’t on my desk with the rest of the mail that came in today.” Well, you guessed it—God took my prayer very literally yesterday and chose to answer it in a very tangible way. Sure enough, the necessary paperwork was sitting on her desk, she agreed to process it right away, my license number was posted when I awoke this morning, and my application has officially been sent.

God is good.

Now I just need to pray for an interview. 🙂


Just thought I’d post a couple pictures of our boy. As you can see, he is one happy baby. Happy and fat. Doesn’t get much better. 🙂 Stay tuned for a fun story perhaps tomorrow… after having just finished yet another stressful episode of Lost, this is about all I can handle right now.

On Discipleship…

It all started back when I was a giggly high schooler, enamored by boys and the fresh drivers license that had just been entrusted to my hot little hands. Michelle, our youth pastor’s wife, welcomed a group of us girls into her home every week to disciple us and teach us the Bible. Though it may have seemed as though she spent all of her time dealing with the more petty aspects of the existence of teenage girls, little did she know that our young little minds were soaking in everything she said and observing closely what it meant to be a godly wife and mother.

Flash forward to college when I, once again, was blessed by yet another woman of strong faith who took several of us William and Mary girls under her wing. We laughed and cried together along with Beth Moore, and I can recall several afternoons when I took up residence in the bedroom of her own daughter when I could no longer stand another second in the sorority house.

And now… now I am spending my Monday mornings at church in a women’s Bible study comprised primarily of women in their 50’s and 60’s. Initially, I felt somewhat out of place, but I have been welcomed with open arms and have, once again, been soaking in the wisdom of older Christian women who have already “been there and done that.” Our pastor’s wife happens to lead this study, and last night she and her husband spent several hours at our home speaking truth to us and encouraging us in the call we feel on our lives.

Now, why do I mention all of this? I do so to encourage you to encourage others. Titus 2 explicitly instructs older women to teach those younger than them to “live wisely and be pure,” and I credit those who have taken this call seriously for helping to shape me into who I am today. MTV and Hollywood have enough influence on the lives of the younger generations. What we really need is for Christian men and women to step up and deliberately lead, guide, teach, and pray over the lives of others.

Future generations will thank you.


Anyone who has known us for more than like three hours probably knows that Matt and I are passionate about Africa and, more specifically, feel at this point in our lives that we are called to eventually live out the Great Commission in sub-Saharan Africa. Having both spent time in different counties in this uniquely wonderful region of the world, we recognize the vast physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of these beautiful people.

Speaking of beautiful people…

So, I’ve heard for a while about the (PRODUCT) RED campaign which was started by by Bono and Bobby Shriver to raise awareness and money for the diseases of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. As we all know, these illnesses kill millions of people every year, many of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa. A number of different companies teamed up to create products for this campaign, and a percentage of the sale of each product sold goes directly to women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. The products have become pretty trendy among much of Hollywood, but I’m okay with that so long as the money is helping those in need.

Well, I had been eyeing this adorable outfit on the BabyGap website for months, but just about every size had been sold out for a long time. I even checked Ebay, but people were selling it for more than it even cost at Gap!! Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I saw this nestled away at my new favorite kid’s consignment store for three bucks! Obviously, not a single cent I spent on it will be going to Africa, but I lovelovelove it nonetheless… not to mention- Carson is so ridiculously CUTE in it!!


What in the heck does CPNP stand for, you ask? Well, let me just tell you… it stands for Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, which is exactly what I was as of 10:56 this morning when I found out that I passed my boards!! Woohoo! 🙂 I have no more brain power to add any further discussion to today’s blog, but I did want to pass on the good news. Many thanks for the well wishes, prayers, and the wonderful 4 bag assortment of jellybeans (that would be Matt who obviously knows the way to my heart)!!

How We Roll

Carson has been rolling over periodically for a week or so now, and last night he was really going at it again and again. I couldn’t help but grab my camera to document this for all of you skeptics out there. 🙂

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