Carson explored potential career paths this morning. Current options include:

1. Bus (or truck/race car/boat/anything that goes) driver

2. Nurse practitioner (who needs their MD anyway?)… one that kisses booboos away

3. Sous chef (one who serves cheese, goldfish crackers, fish sticks, and cookies)4. Marine biologist5. Missionary (I asked him to point to the part of the world where he wanted to live. He pointed to some super remote island I’ve never heard of. Yikes.)
Meanwhile, Mary Grace was content just sitting and looking cute. Except when she started freaking out and getting hungry. Since Carson was content playing with blocks, I decided to hide away in a quiet corner, grab my nursing cover and feed the chunkster. About thirty seconds later, Carson took off as fast as those two little legs could carry him, thus forcing me to pull a Michelle Duggar and nurse on the fly. The excitement never ends around here.

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  1. How fun!!!!
    I forgot to tell you that Spence glanced at my computer the other day when I was looking at your blog, not knowing it was yours that I was looking at he said "Who's that baby? It looks like an Allison." Too cute!

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