Last week, I had Mary Grace in my arms when I went to get Carson up from his nap. Carson decided that he wanted his sister in his bed with him, and I obliged. I’m going to remind them of these sweet moments when they grow up and start thinking they’re too cool to hang out with each other.And as blurry as this last picture is, it cracks me up. I found Carson using Mary Grace as a track for his Matchbox cars, zooming them up and down her little body with absolute contentment. Of course, instead of stopping this behavior, I ran for my camera. CPS is totally going to track me down someday.

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  1. how adorable! she has really filled out and looks almost as big as carson in those pics-we cant wait to see her over the holidays


  2. I LOVE the picture where he's touching her nose. New computer backdrop. Thanks much!

    Also- next time you make cinnamon rolls on a Saturday… give me a 45 minute heads up! 🙂

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