Carson and I had a good cry together this afternoon. He had woken up from his nap inconsolable, and I had already missed two calls from Matt earlier in the day. As I tried to calm my shrieking son down, I happened to notice that I had just missed yet another call from Africa… without my phone even ringing! This really just set me over the edge, so I did the only thing I knew to do- plop Carson on my lap, turn on Sesame Street, and cry. I’m sure we were quite the pitiful sight, but thankfully I ended up getting a hold of Matt which calmed me down a bit. (He’s doing great, by the way!)

After talking with Matt, I decided that it was time to get our weepy selves together and head to the outlets for some retail therapy. I seldom get the desire to shop, but some occasions just call for it. All it took was a truck shirt for Carson and some adorable hair bows for Mary Grace for both of us to be rejuvenated. Our anniversary is tomorrow, and I am resolving here and now that I will not allow myself to mope around all day. Rather, I fully intend on wearing a pretty dress, running some fun errands, and taking Carson out on a hot dinner date to celebrate. Bring on the chicken nuggets! šŸ™‚