In an effort to celebrate (and document) the mundane, enter just another pre-work, pre-preschool, pre-kindergarten early morning at the Allison house.  Uh, and full disclosure: it was the girls’ picture day.  They do not always look this put together at 7:15am.


The xylophone banger (yes, that’s a totally technical term) in Mary Grace’s hand?  It’s her “rainbow maker”.  She waves it around in the air with a predictably dramatic flair to “make rainbows”.  I don’t know…


These girls seriously kill me.  In the best way possible.  Most of the time.


This one cracks me up.  Mary Grace is her typical so-excited-we-only-get-blurry-pictures self.  And Elizabeth is straight shell-shocked with the level of activity that goes down in our home before normal waking hours.

Just another ordinary day.  And now for my afternoon caffeine fix…

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  1. Oh Catherine – you don’t know how much your blog makes me laugh! You need as much caffeine as you can get-believe me I know from experience. I may not have 3 little ones but my two have been equivalent to about 5 many many times.

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