I was just about to post a cute video of Carson showing off some of his latest tricks in the bathtub, but then I decided to respect my poor son’s modesty. I will be sure to save it for his rehearsal dinner one day… or for blackmail at any time necessary.

So, as Carson’s mother I own all bragging rights and am allowed to unapologetically share all of his latest accomplishments, right?

Some are not so good. For instance:

1. He now finds it hysterical to find me crouched over the toilet in my vulnerable, nauseated state. The first time this occurred, I actually wound up in tears, horrified that my precious little son would have the nerve to laugh at me when I felt so miserable. Then, I realized that boys will be boys and they like gross things. Like bodily fluids. OK, enough.

2. Carson also has discovered how to climb onto the guest room bed and start jumping! I just about keeled over from a heart attack when I first found him in there bouncing and grinning from ear to ear. Isn’t he too young for scaring his mom to death? I guess not.

Now some of the prouder moments:

1. Carson’s now able to point to his hair, ears, mouth, and tummy and sticks out his tongue when asked. He is also learning more and more animals every day.

2. The child is way affectionate. He loves to give kisses to anyone and everyone. I’m guessing he has his father’s love language of physical touch. Oh dear Lord, help me- can’t someone share my love language of acts of service???

3. Carson is in some blissful stage of sleeping wonderfully. The other day he slept from 7pm-9(!)am… and then took a 2 hour nap that afternoon.

And not to neglect Gargini (that is the name that my 3 year old nephew Will has given to Baby #2, and it has somehow managed to stick around)… well, he/she has really thrown me for a loop as I have been experiencing an entirely different pregnancy so far than I did with Carson. According to the books, Gargini is now the size of a medium sized green olive. I also have found the rumors about second pregnancies to be true… I’m most definitely going to be in maternity clothes sooner this time around! My first OB appointment will be next week when I’m 10 weeks, so I’ll be sure to scan in the obligatory ultrasound picture.

(By the way, I was also about to post a picture of a green olive for effect but then realized how gross they look and had a change of heart.)

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  1. This post makes me laugh! It reminds me of all the forbidden gross words in college 😛

  2. Will made up a new song before bedtime last night, entitled “Gargini goes to the park.” Quite amusing.

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