Mary Grace’s top teeth have officially popped through. And she’s a biter. And is still nursing. ‘Nuff said.

Carson is two going on teenager. He has started calling me “mom”. Overnight, the “mama” and “mommy” flew out the window. Now it’s just “go faster mom!” or “turn the awesome music louder mom!” or “go away mom!” If he’s like this now, what in the world am I going to do when he’s 16?

Matt has VBS like 24/7 this week, so I decided to use my evening sans hubby to make bows. This has become an obsession of mine. Which is really not all that surprising, as I rocked the grosgrain ribbon in my hair through college.

I have recently discovered a gem of a store in Smithfield, of all places. It’s a gift shop called Anna Kate’s and it is full of polka dots, ribbon, and monograms. I wanted to hug the owner’s neck upon the realization that Carhartt jeans are not the only purchases that can be made in Johnston County.

Speaking of shopping, our local Target has turned into a Super Target, and I’m stoked. Not that I needed any added incentive to step into Target- it’s embarrassing how often I am there- but I am a big fan of their new grocery section. For the sake of my sanity and that of everyone else in the store, though, remind me next time to bypass the Hot Wheels aisle. And the candy aisle. And the fruit snacks aisle. Oh geez.

My sister has finally announced her pregnancy! And it’s a girl!! Due in October!!! At least Mary Grace and Baby Girl Gallahan will have each other amidst a sea of wild boys. I’m envisioning joint birthday celebrations, matching outfits, slumber parties, and lots and lots of bows. Obviously.