This has been my word of choice over the past 24 hours. I am absolutely beat, so a longer post with pictures is to come, but suffice it to say that today’s yard sale was a HUGE success.

The final count?

Over four.thousand.dollars. And every single penny will go towards bringing Wyatt home.

Thank you to all of you who sacrificed your time, money, and possessions for our sale today and most of all to my God who fed the five thousand with two loaves and five fish… and who is making it possible for an average family like ourselves to adopt a child from halfway across the world.

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  1. Thanks be to God! I'm so glad I read this before starting the Sunday grind that is serving a Church.

  2. Hey, Catherine…idea for ya…lots of local Hokie alumni chapters on facebook. I bet they'd love to purchase your bows to help Wyatt come home.

    If you want us to contact our local VT alumni chapter and post a link on their facebook page, let me know
    – Ryan (& Vanessa)

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