OK people, this is huge. Rwanda has now amended their statement to say that any dossier that has arrived at the Rwandan embassy by August 31st (next Tuesday) will be okay. I just spoke with my caseworker who said that this is a long shot, but we are going for the miracle. Our CIS letter is on the truck to be delivered to Kate with our dossier service. From there, our entire dossier needs to be authenticated at the US Department of State’s office. Our courier will take it there Monday morning and beg for them to authenticate it that day. This process usually takes two days. We need them to show us favor and be willing to do this so that our dossier can arrive to the Rwandan embassy on Tuesday… just in the nick of time. Please please pray, guys! God really listens to our prayers, and we need you to intervene on behalf of us and Wyatt.

And if you happen to be able to hook me up with anyone at the Department of State, I’d love to know about it. No really, I’m being serious.

I keep reminding myself that whether or not God answers these prayers, He is still good and sovereign. I just want this so badly it hurts.

Thank you everyone!!!

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  1. WoW!!!! There's a heartstopper! Best of luck and all our wishes for your dossier to arrive in time:)

  2. Hi Catherine! I just sent you a Facebook message about your adoption. Definitely check it out and let me know if we can help.

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