Last night, I cried over window shades.  For the record, I still can’t find the right type and size and price shades for my liking, but I’m not teary over it anymore.  Because really, who would worked up about such first world problems?  Ahem

Truthfully, that’s just the kind of week it’s been.  Matt’s been out of town all week which was problemo numero uno.  Adding to that was the fact that he has had cell phone service for approximately four minutes of the week which is tough for our family who relies on Skype and frequent phone calls when daddy’s gone.  Not to mention the fact that the kids are all still readjusting to Life After Vacation.  I won’t go into details, but it’s been touch and go for a few days.  I considered sending SOS messages via smoke signals a couple times in a final act of desperation.  But we have survived.  And Matt will soon be on his way home.

I totally wish I was the kind of mom who thrived under pressure and in her husband’s absence.  Who came up with and followed through with loads of creative and educational activities for her doting children.  Who naturally smiled and prayed and praised Jesus through the storms of tantruming children.  I had a couple of those moments this week.  I did.  For instance, Carson created this with spaghetti and marshmallows:


… and.  well.  that’s about it.

My crowning moment of the week was my kid building a masterpiece out of noodles, y’all.  It’s no wonder I cried over roman shades.

But it’s a new day.  With  fresh reminders that my approval does not come from my aptitude as a mother or the behavior of my children, rather the finished work on the cross.  Christ didn’t die for me so that I can boast of obedient children or noodle structures.  Christ died so that I can boast of Him.

A new day with new mercies.  And grace upon grace upon grace. Thank you, Jesus.