I’m really quite pleased with the fact that I’m now 28 weeks along and in my third trimester. It’s hard to believe I’ll be meeting little Mary Grace in a mere 12ish weeks, and I am starting to realize that I still have plenty to do to get ready for her grand arrival. Carson did pick out some pink pacifiers for her at Walmart today, though his choice was quickly followed by a meltdown when he insisted on opening the package and claiming them for himself. Instead, he walked out with a new Matchbox car. Like I have said before, we are so not above bribery around here.

I have been feeling really well, despite my tossing and turning all night. Our electric bill has been through the roof as I have been freezing Matt out of the house. Whoops. Work has been nice recently due to the “calm before the storm” period that pediatrics tends to experience this time of the year. I’ll be about to pop when the mad rush of back to school physicals and associated snotty noses start flooding our office, but thankfully I’ll be down to working only two days a week at that point (versus my current two and a half days a week… I really can’t complain!)

Finally, I am not a fan of “belly shots” of me, but for MG’s sake, I consented to one quick photo shoot today. I didn’t like any of the pictures Matt took*, but this was the least bad (that sounds very gramatically incorrect and I don’t care right now). It’s not a profile shot, but I promise my belly looks bigger from the side.
*Sidenote: Today in church, the guy sitting next to Matt came up to him after the service to tell him that he has the most amazing voice, though he is “sure that he hears that all the time.” I laughed really hard after I heard that which made Matt second guess his newfound singing ability and then I felt like I should repent. Seriously though, maybe we discovered God’s will for your life today, Matt! American Idol, anyone??

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