We’ve been busy around here, but I suppose that’s how life is supposed to be this time of the year. And when you add a nasty double ear infection to the mix, things get even more festive (insert sarcasm here). Actually, Carson really has been a trooper the last few days, and we’re fortunate that he made it this long without needing any of that bubblegum flavored “pink stuff.”

The definite highlight of the weekend was our trip down to Winston-Salem yesterday for my nephew Will’s three year old birthday party. The pure excitement little Will had over his birthday was uncontainable- so cute! Carson spent most of the day either sleeping or fussing, but he did manage to scarf down almost an entire huge cupcake to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately, we were still celebrating sometime after midnight when he woke up screaming with his pj’s and crib covered in vomit. Nice.

I would rather not leave you with the mental image of Carson covered in throw up, so I thought I’d show you one of my latest thrift store finds- Carson’s new raincoat! This picture was taken Thursday night as we headed out to our church’s Christmas concert in the pouring rain. I find there to be very few things cuter than a little boy dressed up in a bright yellow raincoat… but then again, I might be a tad biased.