Girlfriend has really raked in the birthday celebrations this year.  Here are a few more pics of the past few days…

Of course, of all of the presents she received for her birthday, Mary Grace’s favorite gift (by far. no contest.) was a last minute purchase cheap stuffed character from Yo Gabba Gabba.  Of course.  (Perhaps that’s why she’s licking him in this picture?!)

Obligatory funfetti cake.  Love her reaction here.

Mary Grace, aka Snow White, all amped up for her princess party this morning.  She kills me.

Of course, no princess party is complete without sequins.  Lots and lots of sequins….

…. and diy candy necklaces.  I’m loving every second of this stage of parental involvement at kid birthday parties… for I fear that when I blink, Mary Grace will be orchestrating and driving herself to her own soirees (and dear 16 year old Mary Grace, go ahead and keep this image of your mother standing over your shoulder, watching your every move, fresh in your mind. don’t even try…. anything. i will find out.)