Last week, we had our downstairs bathroom floor tiled. The husband of my friend just so happened to finish the floors on our anniversary. Forget roses- home repair projects are where it’s at. And let’s not mention the fact that Matt has somehow turned into Handy Manny (Matty?) and has fixed two broken toilets in our home. Say what? I’m not sure how this has happened (actually, I think it’s called Google), but I like it.

I find that home improvement is a bit addictive. In addition to our freshly tiled floors, I have now developed an overwhelming urge to paint every wall in sight. Unfortunately, I married a man who h.a.t.e.s to paint. Furthermore, I sadly regret to admit that I have never painted a room in my life. This might just have to be a first (and a second and a third…) though.

Now if I could just get my wild child daughter to stop playing Picasso on our walls and furniture, we’d be golden…

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  1. Catherine, I am sure you know this but they have paint that is chalkboard and I think dry erase board types. Just paint part of her room or utility room in that and she can draw on the walls all she wants. I was cleaning under Ellie's bed and found a whole village she drew on the wall with pen—–and she was like 6 at the time.


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