You see, here in the Allison household, we have a new problem…

1. Girl meets caterpillar.  A look of pure joy overwhelms her face.

2. Girl lovingly strokes and pats caterpillar.  “Hi, wittle catapilla.  I Mary Gace,” she says.

3. Caterpillar love fest continues.  I repeatedly remind girl to “be gentle.  We don’t want to hurt another bug, Mary Grace.”

4. Girl poses with barely-hanging-onto-life caterpillar, with a look of innocence that would trick any bystander.

5. Mom squeals while girl squeezes yet another bug just a little too hard.

6. Girl doesn’t buy the “your caterpillar is sleeping” story this time and revolts against the no-more-bugs-for-you-today rule.

7. Repeat… with any and every squirmy, slimy bug imaginable.  Gross.

** unrelated side note: please disregard the obviously dead lilies in the background. let’s not even go there.**