Here you’ll hear Carson’s excitement about the Duke game we’re going to tomorrow. You will also witness the first time he has ever had to choose between a girl and his mother. He chose Ellie Hanlon. The girl is stinkin adorable… I don’t blame him.

8 Comments on an interview with Carson

  1. Ellie's dad's got nothing… bring it Zachary.

    Plus, "Mr. Zach" has already busted up Carson's finger one time, what… is he going to do it again? :-p

  2. well if he has to have a girlfriend at least he picked one with a good name and every ellie I know is too cute for words.


  3. Zach: It's a tough spot to put a man in. Making him choose between my daughter and his mom would be difficult for anyone. And yes, I will hurt that boy if he's inappropriate with my daughter. That includes anything to do with Duke and not NC State. We love you. We love Carson too.

    Laura: I would definitely say Ellie is the prettiest girl on the block, Carson's got great taste šŸ™‚ I might be a little biased.

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