Just to attend a Duke basketball game in Cameron Indoor Stadium is a dream for many sports fans, even those who hate “Dook”. Carson can boast, however, that he has clocked in a game for every year he has been alive. Or at least part of a game.
Carson is clearly his daddy’s little protege and has made it abundantly clear this season that he fully expected to go to a Duke game. Thanks to the season tickets that Matt’s grandfather and uncle hold, Carson and Matt were able to head up to Durham last weekend to watch Duke kick NC State’s tail. Apparently, Carson was way into the game, clapping and cheering with the best of them. But once halftime came, Carson asked to go home, wondering “next time, daddy, can we go to the shorter basketball game?” And just for fun, it’s crazy to compare these pics to January 2009. I know- what in the heck? What happened to my little baby faced almost-one-year-old Carson?

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  1. Let's see now….The children are aging and you and Matt are staying the same. Ain't life great! Must be the relaxed and pampered lifestyle you two are enjoying. (LOL, that''s a joke, I'm kidding – but; this is true, ya'll are looking good)

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