Hey dad,

If we could verbalize our feelings better, this is what we would say-

We are so crazy blessed to have you as our father.
You are one of the most hands-on, involved dads in the world.
You’re really fun. You wrestle, tackle, build Legos, feed baby dolls, and take us in the deep end of the pool.
You work super hard to balance school, work, and family life. Family always wins, and we think that’s pretty amazing.
In your words and actions, you are very intentional about pointing us to Jesus.
And you’re a wonderful husband to mom… believe it or not, that makes you an even cooler daddy.
Thanks for loving us. Thanks for being our daddy.

Carson and Mary Grace

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  1. Catherine,
    I agree with you about Matt being a great Dad. He makes me proud. But, I love you very much. I also think you are a wonderful mom. Carson and Mary Grace are two lucky children by having you and Matt as parents. Do I sound like a proud grandmother and gigi?

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