Sometimes I become possessed by an idea and, though it may be completely ridiculous, my stubbornness and OCDishness take a hold of me. I become entranced by the idea, and I must follow through.

…typing the above sentence completely made me feel like an addict. Perhaps I might just need to stop typing and mosey on over to the local NA meeting…

Okay, back to my recent obsession. Sewing. Yeah, yeah, you can stop laughing now. I chuckled a bit myself when I typed that. But seriously guys, I am bound and determined to learn to sew. Why? Well, let me count the ways.

The List of Reasons Why Catherine Must Learn to Sew:

  1. Mary Grace. Back in the day, my mom used to smock dresses for me and my sister. I have no (present) intentions on ever learning how to do that, but if my mother can smock, I can surely learn to create something cute and wearable? Right? I hate shelling out oodles of dollars on pillowcase dresses that everyone swears are simple to make. So I have to figure it out myself.
  2. Rebekah, who has a blog here about their adoption from Ethiopia, received a sewing machine for Christmas last year and has taught herself how to make some of the cutest things ever over the past year. I see these things she has created, and I lust. Very unholy, I realize, but maybe my new found domesticity will make up for this.
  3. Fabric. Oh my word, I could easily see myself being swept away into the world of cute fabrics, never to return. I have no clue what I might create with said fabric, and we certainly do not have truckloads of extra money lying around with which to purchase it, but I must have some.
  4. Domesticity. Just like pulling a loaf of homemade bread out of the oven, owning (and using) a sewing machine would make me feel ultra domestic. Like I belong in Little House on the Prairie or something. Too bad I would be bored out of my mind in a little house on the prairie. It’s still kind of cute to think about, though.
  5. Monograms. If I sew things, I can get them monogrammed, right? Rebekah has a super fancy monogramming function on her sewing machine, but I can assure you that the one I plan to inherit will not have such a function. Regardless, I fully intend on creating something made of cute fabric for the sole purpose of having it monogrammed. It’s like buying an outfit to match the bow… something we do a lot of around here.
  6. Time. I have so much spare time to sew. I mean, my life is just oozing with extra minutes to spend a quiet afternoon sipping chamomile tea and sewing together entire wardrobes for my children.

So, hopefully I will be inheriting my mother’s old green (it is green, right mom? I vaguely remember seeing a green sewing machine sitting on your closet shelf when I was a child. Or maybe it’s white. But really I think it’s green. Or white.) sewing machine. This sucker is likely older than I am and has been in my aunt’s possession for years. (Speaking of which, Beth, please do share what you have been whipping up on the ‘ole sewing machine all these years…) Just tonight, my mom phoned me to announce that the sewing machine has alas been located. While we are not entirely sure that it still functions, the old green (or white) sewing machine has been hereby bequeathed to me.

Domestic. Majestic. That’s me.

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  1. Ahh! I just sewed my first ever garment on a sewing machine I got in high school. My mom was not a sewer, EVER, but we had my grandmother's sewing machine when I was little and my mom just revealed that my grandmother made all my mom's maternity clothes! So i just sewed my niece the sweetest little dress on the seweing machine. It was a quick and easy pattern and when you use different fabrics, it's an all season pattern. I used wide whale corduroy, which was little tricky b/c it's bulky, but what fun! Loved it! Just get your self a good sewing book from Barnes and Noble to help you understand the patterns, and you'll be all set. I used this book:, but I'm sure there are some other free resources online too. And your mom knows how to SMOCK! Dying! I MUST learn!!!! Does she do lessons???

  2. You can totally do it!!! Yay! And WHEN you get this amazing green sewing machine we can have a sewing date. I'll bring my machine down to you and can teach you the few tricks I know. Yay, yay!! It is such a good investment for your family šŸ™‚

  3. See! This is what I'm talking about!

    You think it would be cool (who knows why) to be "you guessed it, domestic, majestic" (we should be rappers) so you can be like some woman on little house on the prairie.

    Well, I want to be a GUY on little house on the prairie (there are guys on that right?) Either way I want to hunt some bear, fight some outlaws, go crab fishing, or join the military or something. seeeeee?!?! šŸ™‚

  4. One problem, Matt. There are no crabs on the Prairie. Other than that your good. Maybe add curing bacon to that list?

  5. Yes Catherine-I have been taking good care of the green (i think it is green) machine for many years. In fact, not sure that I have used it since 1996. I just have to dig it out of the hall closet which will be an interesting task. Anyway, hopefully it still works but if you get good you may wish to update (hint hint Matt). See you at Christmas!


  6. I'm also completely in love with the idea of being a sewing maven. I got a machine when I was 14 for Christmas and I definitely didn't appreciate it then, but I do now. I want to start doing jumpers for Punk because they seem so easy, so maybe you'll inspire me to give it a try! And look at Spoonflower's fabrics. They are presh.

  7. I too am dying for a sewing machine! As of right now, I do it all by hand and have become a fairly accomplished pillow cover maker…but nothing more. I also learned how to knit so I could make an afghan to send to college with Little Man…in 16 yrs

  8. Catherine,
    Not sure if you are interested in quilts or anything like that, but I have a bunch of fabric scraps and you are welcome to some of them. I have not been as motivated lately to sew myself, so next time you are in town, let me know and we can pull out the stuff.

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