“He willingly laid down his life in our place and permanently threw open the doors of heaven. He sent the Holy Spirit to comfort and teach us. We’re not alone, we’re not orphans; he hasn’t deserted us. And he has overcome the world through his conquest of our final enemy, death. The resurrection speaks powerfully into our lives when it seems as though the light is about to be extinguished. But this world isn’t all there is. What we’re seeing right now isn’t the end. The one who said, ‘I have overcome the world,’ walked through the travail of Gethsemane. He was nailed to a tree, suffered, bled, and died. But then he rose again, breaking the bands of death, and walked with his disciples again. He had overcome! And now he is ruling and overruling at the seat of power by his Father’s right hand, there in flesh like mine and like yours. Does it feel like night? Be of good cheer; morning will dawn. He has overcome the world.”
-Elyse Fitzpatrick in Comforts from the Cross