Today marks the fourth anniversary of the day I married my best friend in the world. The day we said “I do”, I would have sworn up and down that I could never love him more than I did that day. However, through the mountains and valleys of the past four years, the love and respect I hold for my husband has grown far more than I ever thought possible.So, Matt, you may be halfway across the world today, but I assure you that
1. I love you times infinity even though you are enjoying a sweet African safari without me on the day of our anniversary and
2. You shouldn’t worry about us today- your son will surely treat me like the little gentleman he is.

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  1. ya'll both need to watch the utube JK wedding entrance dance. if that doesn't make you smile, nothing will. Happy Anniversary. Matt, you were definitely worth praying for all those years!

  2. Congratulations!!! It was wonderful standing with you 4 years ago and we feel so blessed to continue to be a part of your life now. Cannot wait for our two little girls to play together 🙂

  3. Susan's right–that wedding entrance dance is the best! I just watched it (at work), and it totally made my morning! By the way, happy anniversary!

  4. Sorry yesterday was rotten! Congrats on your anni. Hope Carson treats you right today!

  5. yours was one of the most fun wedding receptions ever (libby's, too). had a blast dancing with the girlfriends! sewards know how to put on weddings! can't wait til will's. happy 4th!!!!

  6. oh geez, i just laughed out loud when i read the "can't wait till wills" comment… maybe he'll find a suitable bride at drew's wedding! 🙂

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