What I am loving these days…

  • The sorta sketchy, always empty playground down the road from us (versus the nicer, closer playground that’s always packed). In an empty playground, I don’t feel judged when I let my son roll around in wet sand, covering himself from head to toe.
  • Wii Active. Long gone are the days when I could spend a leisurely morning working out at the gym. Wii Active (not to be confused with Wii Fit) has actually exceeded my expectations and surprisingly makes me work up a sweat.
  • This CD– Glory Revealed: The Word of God in Worship. My sister gave it to me for my birthday, and I have literally been listening to it nearly every waking moment since I received it. Libby, you might have good taste in music after all! (Just kidding- we both know I used to steal all of your CDs.)
  • This lotion and body wash. Mary Grace received these as a gift when she was born, and I’m now obsessed. They smell sooo good and work better than most other products on her super sensitive skin.
  • The Clayton post office. Sometimes I love living in a small town. Like when the postal worker at the post office greets Carson by name every time we come in and talks to me about the latest and greatest sermon podcasts. I always leave that place with a smile… and most people can’t say that about their experiences at their local post offices.
  • American Idol. As cheesy as it might be, I’m psyched that one of my shows is finally back on. Now if the season premiere of Lost could just hurry up and come!
  • Carson’s protectiveness over Mary Grace. Recently, he won’t let anyone approach her, hold her, or look at her. Today, someone approached her carrier to see her and Carson ran over, stood in front of the poor lady, and yelled “NO! ME SIS! ME GRACIE!” As cute as this is now, I’m thinking Mary Grace might not appreciate this when she’s trying to meet guys one day… when she’s 35, that is.

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