They say that children are a “precious blessing from God”, and they are.  They really are.

But, y’all… they can also be just STRAIGHT UP WEIRD sometimes.

Case in point:


This is Carson in front of our library.  No, he is not injured, nor did he develop some bizarre growth behind his ear.  Nope, it’s a cotton ball, and it’s just there.  Because he likes it.  MY SON LIKES TO WEAR COTTON BALLS BEHIND HIS EARS.  And I let him.  (Today at least.)  I spent approximately 12 seconds trying to psychoanalyze his intentions and convince him that there was no reason on earth that he needed to walk around with a random cotton ball behind his ear but gave it up.  Because, shoot, if that’s what makes the boy happy and he is self-confident enough to rock it, then go for the cotton ball, kid.  In my five plus years of motherhood, I have learned one thing: some battles are just not worth fighting.  Cotton balls included.

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  1. I had a kid in a filthy batman shirt and cape yesterday that I begged him to let me wash, to no avail. He completed the look with a pirate hat and proceeded to call me Wonder Woman all day. Even in public. Today he was Spiderman… 🙂

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