Is it really Friday again?  I never fully understood that saying of “the days are long, but the years are short” until I had young children myself.  This week has been a good one.  Mary Grace still is giving us a run for our money, but things (as in her behavior and my heart) have improved substantially since my last post.  In fact, we had a HUGE potty success today!  Let me back up for a moment.  Girlfriend has been potty trained for, shoot, eight? nine? months.  Except for… well, numero dos.  I’ll spare you the gory details of the misery this has caused us, but let’s just say that when she had a “success” today after forty (!!) minutes on the pot, we went all-out in celebration mode.  We’re talking cookies, baby dolls, extra TV viewing, and Chick-fil-a.  Some might call this overkill, but I call it desperation.  The child needs to poop.  Period.  I’m hoping that this copious praise and bribery works.  My sanity depends on it.


Okay, potty talk is over.  And now is the part where I communicate in bullet points about the ever-so-thrilling details of our lives at present:

  • Matt Chandler and Shane & Shane  were at our church this week.  It was a great night, followed by some catch-up time with our friend and the kids’ fabulously amazing babysitter, Rachel.  She graduates from NC State in just a few weeks, and I just want to cry about how much we’re going to miss her.
  • And while we’re talking caps and gowns, Matt officially graduates from seminary in a few weeks… on the same night Lecrae is at our church.  Ughhh!  Let’s just say the decision for Matt to walk at graduation was not an easy one.
  • Carson is currently obsessed with the Magic Treehouse series.  We’ve been reading about one a day.  Mary Grace is currently obsessed with dancing around shouting “I shake my hiney!”  Ha, I love how vastly different my kids are.
  • The adoption.  Oh, the adoption.  I know I’ve been a bit quiet about things lately.  Just know that we’re not idle.  And I’m going to leave it at that right now.  Just, ya know, to be annoying and mysterious.  But as annoying and mysterious as I might be, we would love your prayers as we continue to wait to bring our son home.