Today is Matt’s birthday.

This is how he looks at the ripe old age of 29, per Carson’s artistic rendering.

And this is how every 29 year old man should start off his birthday.

We spent the morning at our first Durham Bulls game along with the rest of the Summit kids’ staff.  Trying to keep Mary Grace contained in the stands was quite a feat.  In fact, home girl can’t be contained anywhere.  Ever.

But she finally wore herself out from the excitement of endless junk food and , uh, “baseball watching”.

And after some much needed naptime, Matt and I hit up our favorite quasi-Japanese takeout restaurant.  The joint is run by Latinos.  Who make sushi.  It’s all too confusing for my brain to take in.

Alas, we ended the night with The Hunger Games (the movie, not the event. thank goodness.)!  I’m not a big movie person… they either bore me or make me fall asleep, but I loved this one.  Here we see an awkward attempt at a self-portrait pre-movie.  I promise we really can be mature adults.  Sometimes.

Happy birthday, Matt!!  I love growing old(er) with you!

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