As my first mother’s day has come and gone and I have been homebound the past several days with The Plague (actually I think it’s more like The Flu, but my overly dramatic self has uttered the words “I think I’m dying, Matt” several times over the past couple days), I have had time to put a bit of thought into what I have learned these first four months of being mother.

I have learned to laugh at the “small stuff.” For instance, yesterday I was snuggling with Carson on the couch when I slowly started to feel wetness on my leg. Lo and behold, I glanced down and saw that he had covered me, himself, and our couch with poop. Before I could even begin to feel sorry for myself and the clean-up that was to follow, I locked eyes with my little boy and watched as his entire face lit up with a huge grin. Yes, I did have to run my seventh load of laundry in two days, but his joy and his smiles make it all worth it.

I have learned that swings, Exersaucers, and jumpers are a God-send for mothers who need a moment to get a thing or two accomplished without an infant clinging to her side.

I have learned that accidents happen at the most inopportune times. Carson will save all of his spit-up until he is dressed in his Sunday best and we are about to walk out of the door, and blowouts will soak the couch hours before the guys are due to arrive at our house for Bible study.

I have learned that when it comes to my boy, I am a mother and not a nurse practitioner. Intellect, reason, and my years of studying fly out the window, and I am just as apt as any mother to freak when he spikes that first high temperature.

I have learned that lugging around those infant car seats with a rather large infant inside is about as much of a workout as I can expect to get these days.

I have learned that pacifiers have a mysterious way of disappearing and that my husband gets very cranky when he can not find the “right” pacifiers when he needs one. (Note: interestingly, Carson has always preferred the huge pacis that are intended for babies above the age of six months… I guess he thinks he’s too good for the little ones.)

I have learned that prayer takes on an entirely new meaning when it comes to my child. As I fall to my knees to pray for my sweet boy and his future, I am overcome with peace as I soak in God’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11 that he has plans to prosper him and not to harm him, plans to give him hope and a future..

Finally… I have learned how fun it is to receive sweet mother’s day presents… like the GPS system that was installed in my car on Sunday morning! I admit that I am known for getting myself lost rather frequently, even with MapQuest directions, so I could not be more thrilled with this genius little piece of technology that tells me in a soothing voice where exactly to turn and even congratulates me for reaching my destination. Thanks Matt and Carson!!!

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  1. you got GPS?? i’m jealous! and FYI–will has been w/o paci for 5 days now!

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