We were playing outside the other day, and Carson proceeded to plop his Hot Wheels car right on my abdomen as a temporary resting place. Apparently, Carson now views my belly as a shelf. Rightfully so, I suppose.

It hit me this weekend that my due date is just over a month away. This has sent me into a crazed state of nesting. Seriously though- do I really have a five and a half pound baby in my stomach, and am I truly giving birth to her in a few weeks?! How did this happen? I think second pregnancies are so different because you don’t have the chance to mull over each and every stage of the pregnancy (hopefully Mary Grace will never read this and be offended… as a middle child, I feel her pain already). When there is another Mini Me (or Mini Matt, in our case) running around, time just goes by a lot quicker, I suppose.

Thankfully, I’m feeling pretty darn good. I was just boasting to Matt that I am sleeping so much better now than I was at this point in my pregnancy with Carson. I think a lot of that comes from the sheer exhaustion that comes with chasing a toddler all day. Hopefully, this trend of restful sleep will continue until Mary Grace is born because we all know what happens after that.

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