I have started a self-imposed Target budget.  Sort of.  I mean, I don’t have an exact dollar amount in mind because BABY STEPS, y’all.  A dollar amount just seems way too restrictive to me.  (And that, my friends, is why I’m not in charge of our household finances/budget.)

My Target Budget works this way: stay out.  Because if I don’t walk in, it’s impossible for my cart to mysteriously fill with unplanned purchases.  I’ve tried to explain this enigma to Matt, and he just doesn’t get it.  Men.  I walk in for a loaf of bread and somehow walk out with a pair of clearance running shorts.  (And forget the bread.)  I DON’T EVEN RUN, you guys!!  Mysterious, I tell ya.

Anyway, if I have to go (i.e., if the draw is just too powerful and my self-control too weak), I call for backup.  Today, I found myself walking through the aisles while instructing Mary Grace, “Do not let mommy buy anything she doesn’t need.  You hear me?  Nothing we don’t need!”  She’s four.  I don’t even know.  Maybe it’s happened?  I’ve finally lost my mind?

I’ll spare you the gory details, but it didn’t work.  Case in point:photo(6)Not exactly the image of self-restraint I had in mind.  Yes, the quasi-budget was blown.

BUT. At least we have new houses for our insects!!  For only $1!!

Darn you, Target.photo(7)