On this day, the eve of my 28th birthday, I, Catherine Allison, sewed a dress. A pink and green dress with polka dotted grosgrain ribbon. And if you ask me, it turned out pretty darn well. So well that it is currently hanging in our living room for all pedestrians through our living quarters to provide copious praise and admiration of my handiwork.

That is all.

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  1. NICE JOB! You may have a new calling ahead of you. Now let's see you create something nice for Matt to wear (and to really make him happy, make it edible). At any rate, we wish for you a happy birthday and pray that you may feel expressions of love at every turn to take on your special day. Feel it? PawPaw & GrandMa

  2. haha. just thought of something: do you think people think you made that for you or mg?

  3. I've been reading your blog for quite a while now after it was recommended to me by my best friend, Natalie Winters. My husband and I are currently finishing our paperwork to adopt from Ethiopia, so I love hearing your adoption updates. As someone who taught myself to sew 5 years ago, I just wanted to say- great job! Sewing is such a fun and useful hobby! I hope you keep loving it!

  4. 1. Can we get a picture of Mary Grace wearing the dress, I think that would be too cute!

    2. Your blogging on sewing has motivated me to get my sewing machine back out and play around on it! Tiffany has been BEGGING me to decorate some of Corbin's clothe diapers so I successfully completed the first one last night! Thanks for hte motivation

    3. Hope your b-day was FAB!

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