Sounds gross? I concur.

Matt will actually eat peas (whereas I won’t touch ’em), so he got them with his meatloaf last night (how retro). I included some on Carson’s plate as I always do with veggies, though I was 99.9% positive they wouldn’t touch his lips. Attempting to appeal to his obsession with all things spherical, I asked Carson to try the “balls.” Lo and behold, we were beyond shocked when the boy started eating pea after pea… errr, ball after ball. We clapped and cheered like he had just won the Heisman, and he kept eating those nasty pea balls.

So, flash forward to this morning when I served him chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. After a couple bites, Carson looked at me and asked for “more balls”. As I have addressed before, the kid doesn’t do veggies, so I was not about to say “no, son, please fill up on your sugar laden breakfast instead.” I just about gagged as I served him the entire container of cold, leftover peas (he wouldn’t tolerate just a spoonful or two on his plate), but he happily ate his balls along with his pancakes. One day it’s ice cream for lunch and the next it’s peas for breakfast.

Welcome to the Allison household, the land of strange and bizarre eating habits.

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  1. I have a friend who's little girl is 6 and she LOVES peas. As in she requests them as her dessert some nights. They just keep the little containers of them in the pantry like I do with peaches or other things I think are yummy. She goes and grabs them all the time. UGH! but good for her I guess

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