Matt is back on North Carolina soil!  He’s been gone all week and has been missed.  Carson lamented Matt’s absence tonight saying that, “daddy is just more fun!”  Immediately, the people-pleasing tendencies in him kicked in as he backpedaled and said, “you’re fun too, mommy.  But daddy is really fun!”  Thanks, bud.  Speaking of fun (or lack there-of), I seem to err on the side of overdoing our activities when Matt’s away.  We went and went this week.  Fun was had by all (or so I thought), and my week as a single mom was actually far more enjoyable than I had anticipated.  (But Matt, you’re still not allowed to leave us like that for a long time. K?)


I am pretty positive I would be a very unhealthy person if I never had a husband around for whom to cook.  I felt a twinge of guilt this evening after realizing that I had not eaten a legit meal since his absence (no worries, the kids ate just dandy).  I have a tendency to subsist on cereal, yogurt, and frozen veggies when I’m left on my own.  So,upon this realization, I went all-out tonight and heated up a Lean Cuisine as my effort to make “real food”.  Yes, I realize this is oh so pitiful.


Carson has been taking swimming lessons for the past few weeks and loves them!  He’s always loved the water, and his personality is more geared towards solo sports, so this shouldn’t really surprise me.  As much as he has loved swimming, he’s so over soccer already.  Sigh.


The kids are singing tomorrow morning in the church service where they attend “school”.  This strikes fear in my heart just a bit.  Perhaps it’s because, upon being asked about the songs she’ll be singing in church, Mary Grace responded, “No!  I NOT sing.  I shake my hiney!”  Awesome.


I recently started Beth Moore’s Believing God study for for the fourth time since 2004.  This is not because I’m ultra holy, rather it’s quite the opposite.  Apparently, it takes more than 10 (or, uh 30) weeks to get my tail (and my heart) kicked into shape. This book has traveled with me to the Kenyan bush, the campus of William and Mary, our first home in Midlothian, and to right here and now.  Because right here and now, I am clinging more than ever to the truths that

“God is who He says He is.

God can do what He says He can do.

I am who God says I am.

I can do all things through Christ.

God’s Word is alive and active in me.”

Yes.  Preach it, Beth.