There are some things in my life that I really hate paying for.

Some things are obvious such as paying a 1.62 billion dollars a gallon for gas.

Other things are a little more personal but bothersome nonetheless:
Water (Maybe I should just collect rain)
Toilet Paper (Though Matt is a firm believer that we should always splurge on the softest, sturdiest TP possible)
Oil changes (I don’t know what this one bothers me so much, but it does.)

As of this morning, I have a fresh addition to my list:

I really hate paying $102.15 for a bug to be removed from our air conditioning unit. Yes, that is correct. I suppose it could have been far worse. When I informed Matt yesterday that our AC was on the fritz, he was unwaveringly convinced that it was dead once and for all and that we would be paying to have an entirely new AC unit installed. Against such a bleak alternative, a bug blockage wasn’t so shabby (well I guess it did kind of ruin the bug’s day who is now smushed to smithereens).

But STILL… if you can make so much money for such silly tasks, maybe I should rethink my career choice…

2 Comments on Shoulda Been an AC Repairman

  1. Are you sure it was LITERALLY a bug? Maybe the term bug which is usually associated with computer problems would be a more realistic situation?

    I seem to remember several instances in the past where you misinterpreted things (“wait, so boxers really hit each other?”). And I have NEVER heard of a literal bug causing the temporary demise of an AC unit. Therefore, I’ve deduced that this is just another in a long line of misinterpretations. Matt isn’t exactly Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor, but maybe he should handle conversations with repair men…

  2. Nice try, Joshua, but it was a bug. A very expensive bug. I made sure that I clarified the situation with the AC repairman.

    And thank you for calling me out on the good old boxing discussion. I still find it hard to fathom that there exists a sport in which people beat the snot out of each other.

    I think I’d rather watch baseball.

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