I’m pretty sure this dumb box is to blame:

I brought it home from Michael’s a few weeks ago to house the kids’ school supplies.  Anything to simplify homework time, you know?  Anyway, Matt took one look at my new $4 purchase and acted utterly confused.  “Why would you buy something like this when I could make it?”

Well, my dear husband, allow me to explain.  We Allisons are not box-makers.  We are box-buyers.  That’s why.

But I moved on, completely oblivious to the foreshadowing of this event.  Because flash forward a few weeks.  For some reason or another, I casually showed Matt a picture on Pinterest of something I’ve been eyeing for a few months.  A wood pallet map.  FROM ETSY.  Because remember?  We’re not box-makers.  Which means we are absolutely and positively not wood-pallet-world-map makers.  DUH.

Oh, but no, my friends.  Matt was not convinced.  In fact, it was like something clicked in that cute head of his the moment he caught a glimpse of the map that fateful day.  “We’ll make it!” he said enthusiastically.  “Together!”

Now, people.  I may have mentioned a time or twenty before, but Matt and I are not so much alike.  This truth manifests itself daily, but we’ve learned the dance of give and take.  In this situation, Matt was placing a very high value on the idea of spending time together working toward a common goal.  We’d build something beautiful for our home!  Together!  We’d look back on this project with fond memories for years to come, and we’d live happily ever after.  Meanwhile, I was placing an even higher value on my sanity.  Because I could think of many more experiences I’d rather share as a couple than painting the world.  Like eating burritos together.  Binging on Netflix together.  ALL GOOD THINGS.

This time, however, I gave.  Marriage is hard, y’all, but I’m learning.

You should know better than expecting a DIY tutorial out of this here blog.  Nuh uh.  Not happening.  Because (a) I don’t even know how we pulled it off and (b) it’s too soon.  I just can’t relive it yet.  Or ever.  It took a long time though.  Did you ever KNOW how many islands are in this great world of ours?  A LOT.  And I traced them all.  Three times.  And then, guess what!  I got to PAINT them too!  YES!!

FullSizeRenderAt the end of the day, I love it.  It turned out way better than I thought, and I’m so glad we have it.  BUT (and this is where Matt and I disagree), I’m not convinced that I’d do it again.  It took way too long.  And apparently tracing (again, TIMES THREE) and painting a gigantic world map all day makes me cranky.  Etsy exists for a reason, you guys.  The reason is me.

IMG_6102The good news is that the world map is going to be a permanent fixture in our home forever.  It’s going wherever we go because I WORKED for that thing. And when I gaze at its awesomeness, I will recall so many lovely marital moments.  Magical moments like that time I looked at my beloved and snapped, “How do you expect me to paint the islands of Indonesia with you staring over my shoulder like that????”

IMG_6113Also.  I’ll remember that the next time Matt suggests another “fun experience” to do as a couple, he’s taking me out for burritos instead.