Mary Grace woke up from her nap today looking a bit disheveled.

Okay, a lot disheveled.

She came right on downstairs from her nap, announced “Me wake up!” and let herself on outside, lip gloss in hand.  In our house these days, tubes of Hello Kitty lip gloss (or “lipstick” as Mary Grace refers to them) are like gold.  Because out of all of the creative bribery techniques that have been used to get the girl to poop in the potty, lip gloss has been the only thing to work.  Never mind the fact that it seems to induce a nice little case of contact dermatitis from incessant application.  Or that her entire face is coated with a glittery shine from daybreak until sunset.  We can handle that… because we have a pooper!  Hollaaa!!

Oh hail the power of lip gloss.

(maybe there will come a day when my posts don’t revolve around poop and other such unmentionables.  now is not such a time. my bad.)