Meet The Rocket.

It is named as such because it is super fast and super cool. Or at least that’s what I told Carson.

So, yeah, maybe Matt and I have always promised each other that we would never, ever own a minivan. But this is one of those promises that was meant to be broken. Because with our third bambino on the way, even our somewhat roomy Jeep wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

However, I need not make any more excuses because, y’all, I. love. it. For real. I know the majority of you are subtracting my cool points one by one the more I heap praises on our new ride. That’s fine. But while you’re huffing and puffing trying to wrangle your kids/pets/self in and out of your sporty little car, you can find us chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool in our golden rocket.

(And yes, the Fresh Prince reference was completely necessary.)

5 Comments on the rocket’s debut

  1. I'm so torn re: the mini van! On the one hand, man those things are pretty awesome. On the other hand, it's still a mini van.

    P.S. I'm now proving to myself that I still know all of the Fresh Prince song. I do. In case you were wondering:)

  2. Not only do I not judge you, I ENVY you. I dreaaaaam of all the room a minivan would offer me!
    Maybe you could get some nice flames painted on the side. You know, just to keep it real.
    I also like how THRILLED your children are with this new addition. Did you tell them it was REALLY a rocket?

  3. Rachel, there's actually a mom in our preschool carpool line who has flame decals on her van…It can be done.

  4. i'm totally jealous! our car is dying a slow and agonizingly expensive death and we're totally scoping out minivans.

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