1. TOMS. Okay, so I have fought the urge to buy these shoes for a while now. For one, they’re a bit trendy, and I didn’t want to be a follower. Two, they’re pricier than the typical Target shoes I buy for myself. Sure enough, though, Matt came through for my birthday with a coupon that went something like this: “I bought some TOMS for some third world kid and apparently you get a pair free. Don’t blow it.” (Dear grandparents and other TOMS-unaware individuals out there- their company donates a pair of new shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased. Brilliant marketing strategy for a socially conscious generation, huh?) That night, we headed to the mall to try some on. After trying the first shoe on, I was sold. In fact, I insisted on wearing them out of the store. I don’t think I have done that since I purchase my first pair of Dr. Martens in 6th grade. Matt openly mocked me for this, but I could care less. They. are. so. comfy. I might just need another pair.

2. Jillian. Okay, I’ll admit. I was skeptical of Jillian Michaels and her workout DVDs at first. I mean, really- how effective can a workout via DVD be? And a 20ish-minute one at that? Don’t we need a treadmill, stair master, and elliptical added to the mix? In one word, NO. Holy moly, Jillian can give you a good workout. I judge the efficacy of my exercise by two factors: sweatiness and soreness post-workout. Her DVDs induce both. As I was getting Ripped in 30 this fine morning, I found myself audibly responding, “You’re crazy, Jillian!” But for some psychotic reason, I wake up each morning excited for Jillian to tell me once again, “I want you to feel like you’re going to die!” Love ya too, Jillian.

3. Lentils. Specifically honey baked lentils. Yep, I know I’ve completely lost y’all on this one because I might be the only person on the planet who craves lentils. But sometimes I get on food jags. Like the turkey sandwich on wheat with mustard, tomato, and extra pickles with a small cup of vanilla froyo I ate every single day in college. Aaaand like my current lentil obsession. Yes, I’m for real. I made a big batch of these for dinner one night this week and have pretty much lived off of the leftovers for days. Matt describes this recipe as “rustic” which is far from a glamorous description. But the sweet man always clears his plate and (gasp) sometimes asks for seconds when I make these. Either I married a fabulous guy or they really are that good.

4.Global warming. Oh hush, you know I’m just kidding. But I do love this recent phenomenon of spring in January. Once upon a time, I remember when winters were cold. This year, not so much. We’re loving the 60 degree weather that has fallen upon North Carolina over the past week. Having the windows open in my house makes my mood substantially better throughout the day, and afternoons spent outside seem to lessen the degree of whinage in our home dramatically. It’s a win/win situation any way you look at it.

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  1. I echo your bullets!!! I just got my first TOMS and I also love them!! And I'm on day 18-ish of the 30 day shred!! It's kicking my butt yet I come back for more each day. And it works!!

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