The title of this post might be a bit misleading. Let’s just say I have never been much of an environmentalist. I have even been known to proclaim in the middle of cold, dreary winters that I like global warming, and I have never really recycled until we moved here. That said, I have made a few small changes in life that makes me feel the smallest bit like a tree hugger.

1. For the first time ever, I brought a reusable grocery bag to the store this week. The bag itself says it was made from three recycled soda bottles. Two points for me!

2. When I neglect to use my special new earth friendly bag, I do reuse the disposable plastic bags for trashcan liners, stinky diapers, or lunch bags.

3. We have always gone through a grotesque amount of paper towels on a daily basis but by now using more washable clothes and rags, I have seen a dramatic decrease in Bounty use. Oh, and I have zero shame in admitting that this change was purely a money saving rather than an earth saving strategy, but I can kill two birds with one stone, can’t I?

4. We attempted to practice self sustaining agriculture, but thus far it has proved to be an absolute failure. My husband has countless gifts, abilities, and talents, but apparently garden growing is not yet one of them. I had high hopes for a lush garden brimming with tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash, but all he has grown so far is thick black mold on my basil plant. We’ll try again next year!

5. I am experimenting with substituting some of our toxic household cleaners with simple products like baking soda and vinegar. So far, so good. I really think vinegar cleans better anyway.

6. Ants have been a big problem in our yard, and though Carson loves to crouch down and watch them (and knowing him, probably eat them), I long ago decided that enough was enough. Matt has bought all sorts of ant killing sprays, but I am not thrilled with the idea of my child playing around such strong chemicals. So, after a little google research, I have learned that instant grits are rumored to do the trick. Word is, the poor ants eat the grits which then expand in their little bellies and makes them explode… or something like that. I have tried this, and I swear I think it has worked.

7. We attempted to make a compost pile. Several weeks later, Matt informed me that I no longer had to save all of my banana peels and other organic trash as his compost pile “wasn’t working.” I don’t really know how you can screw up a compost pile, but at least we tried. Right?

8. I recycle! I know, this is one of the things I probably should have been doing all along, but now we have these huge recycling containers that the county picks up twice a month which makes the task a no-brainer now. Plus, Matt claims that it is illegal not to recycle in North Carolina. He could be lying to scare me, but as his submissive wife, I must obey. (ha)

9. We fertilize our yard organically. With Chloe’s poop.