I figured after my last post, I owed an update to the three of you who read this.

I’m on day 4/10 of the tamiflu. The stinkin medicine made me horribly nauseous the first three days of taking it, but today I have felt lovely. Meanwhile, the swine flu is descending upon Smithfield, North Carolina like crazy. I’m now like BFFs with the health department with the amount of time I have talked with them on the phone recently.

And how ’bout that- as chance would have it, as I was typing the last sentence, I just received a call from work saying that the two kids I saw on Friday did, indeed, test positive for the swine flu. Should I be proud that I was one of the first providers to diagnose H1N1 in Johnston County?

So anyway, I am at complete peace with everything right now. I feel completely covered in prayer, and I know that God is bigger than all of this.

Meanwhile, Carson is keeping me so busy these days that I forget about anything else besides just keeping him alive. This child loves to destroy and make messes. Dirt is his best buddy, and I have recently caught him shoving handfuls in his mouth. Ironically, though, he is OCD about getting even the smallest particle of food on his fingers or bib when he eats. Weird!

The neighborhood pool is going to be our lifeline to get us through the long days of this summer… although, we went there this morning and I ended up slipping down the pool stairs as I was preventing him from taking a running leap into the water. Now, I am left with glaring, ugly scrapes along the entire right side of my arm. It’s always something around here.

One last thing about Carson, who incidentally is seventeen months old today. Now, I sort of hate to admit this, but the boy loves headbands. If I am wearing one, he must too. I had to lay the law down last week when we were headed out on errands, though. I told him that it’s one thing to wear feminine accesories in the privacy of one’s own home, but for a boy to show up in TJ Maxx wearing a glossy headband would be a bit scandalous. He fought back, I gave him a Nilla wafer, and we then proceeded on happily. A little bribery never killed anyone.

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  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better! I've been thinking about and Mary Grace (and your boys of course :).

  2. And which of your feminine accessories does Matt wear?
    Keep us posted on the blog…more than three people are praying for you!

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