While we’re waiting for the final stamp of approval by the Embassy of Rwanda, here’s what we’re up to…

Oh you know, just running your typical home pharmacy.

For Carson’s raging bilateral ear infection

and the gram negative rods (not good) and fungus (gross) growing in Chloe’s ears and paws

and the GI Bug from You-Know-Where that has ravaged poor Mary Grace’s tummy for the past two days.

Don’t forget to throw in a bottle of Gatorade and syringe to feed Mary Grace fluids milliliter by milliter in effort to avoid an ER visit for IV fluids.

And a desperate call to the vet for recent episodes of crazy scary head tremors in our obese pooch (vet is perplexed but did mention a seizure disorder as a possiblity. Yippee.)

One might assume this would be enough to keep our minds off of the waiting.
The assumption is incorrect, by the way.
* Small update: I did just call the Embassy to ask if they are open on Labor Day. Oh hush, I didn’t know for sure- I mean, they are Rwandan after all. Anyway, Matt is going to be in D.C. on Monday for a VT football game and I was going to have him hop on over to the Embassy to pick up our dossier. Big shocker, they are closed; but they guy with whom I spoke took my name and said that our dossier “should be ready for pick up” now. I’m trying to get this news to our overworked courier because I am desperate to send that sucker onto Rwanda!

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  1. I read the blog, I look at the picture – I'm thinking that we need a pharmacist in this family. PawPaw

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