At long last.  Today’s your day.  You have been incessantly discussing your birthday for the past, oh, SIX MONTHS, and finally it’s time to celebrate.  And goodness knows, we are all so stoked to celebrate you today.

IMG_1500This has been a big year for you.  You’re growing, and growing up, just so quickly that my mind is left spinning.  I’ve loved watching you come into your own this year and develop your own voice.  Your own likes.  Your own preferences.  You happen to have an older sister (and built-in best friend) who tends to- how shall I put this gently- dominate, and there was a time in which you agreeably complied with her every whim.  Those days are long gone.  You stand up for yourself and do not hesitate speak your mind.  Good for you.  Never, ever be afraid to use the voice and the brain that God has given you.IMG_0699 copy

Your disposition is just the sweetest.  You’re gentle and kind and compassionate and are very quick to care about and tend to the needs of others.  You say you want to be a doctor when you grow up.  Go for it.  You’d be amazing.

Girl, you love to eat.  Mexican is your favorite, though bacon and burgers are right on up there.  “Mommy, you are the best cooker EVER,” you often say, moaning between bites of whatever average-at-best dish I have thrown together.  It’s really quite endearing.  And tricks me into thinking I’m some kind of top chef or something.  It’s nice to be delusional from time to time.

IMG_0383You’re (still) obsessed with Frozen.  You love to help me cook.  You spend your days singing and dancing, and if you had it your way, Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” would be on repeat all day every day.  You have recently become very vocal about your attire and hair styles, and you take it upon yourself to change clothes SO MANY TIMES A DAY.  While you came home from Congo TERRIFIED of animals, you now adore them all. Especially our dog, Lucy.  But don’t be mistaken. You only like living, breathing animals.  As opposed to, you know, stuffed animals.  Because, naturally, STUFFED animals scare you.  I don’t know.

IMG_1302Elizabeth, you are so precious and so loved.  It is a joy and privilege to be your mama.  Happy fourth birthday, sweet girl!