Today was the long-awaited 100th day of kindergarten.  Except, not really.  Because as you might recall, they’ve missed approximately 75 of the past 100 days of school due to hazardous weather conditions.  But today, they went.

As part of the apparently-sacred 100 day ritual, every student was asked to wear shirts with 100 things on it.  Carson had initially begged for a shirt with 10o bones on them.  But not just any generic bone.  “All different bones.  Like the tibia and the femur and all of those teeny tiny bones in your ear.  All different ones.  All of them.“, he specified.  One hundred DIFFERENT human bones carefully cut out of my anatomy books and glued onto a shirt.  Because of course he did.

We (I) settled on ball stickers.

Because, my friends, sometimes a girl’s just gotta draw the line somewhere.

(Epilogue: Carson lived.  And he claims that his shirt was the best in the class.  Booyah.)